Philippe’s Personal Project

Sometimes we struggle with ourselves and our creativity. Seems like our brain needs some time off to refill and get creative again.
As a wedding and family photographer I work extremely hard to satisfy my clients and to satisfy myself. Being extremely critical about my own work and trying to improve as much as possible.

After following workshops like for example foundation Texas, learning, doing mentoring sessions,... I felt I needed some photography for myself. Thinking about a lot of subjects for a personal project I knew I had to find something that I love and that I am dedicated to. A lot of thoughts ran through my head but always came down to the same thing...

The subject I am most attracted to was and is simply my own family. So I decided to try to photograph them more in my spare time. Not necessarily with the best camera but just with the one was the closest to me, going from my canon to the olympus and just my iphone.

I don't know exactly where the entire project is going and frankly I don't care at this point.

And Maybe these are not my very best 'technical' photos, but they definitely mean the most to me because these are just amazing little memories and that's what photography is all about.
It makes you remember and takes you right back into that special moment.
These show a sequence of events through 2016 with the most important people in my life.

I'm thinking right now to show an overview every year. Editing them, adding them to this page reminds me what's the most important thing in life... Them.
Seeing these gives me a great satisfaction of what we are living for and is a great reminder for the wonderful year we've been through.

This is something just for me.
And yes... I am proud of it.